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Fine Minerals Collection

sam yung

Fine Minerals Collections edited by Sam Yung.

Foreword: This is a truly beautiful book featuring exceptional examples of some of the nest minerals in the natural world. When they are first collected from the mines they may be dirty and attached to ill-proportioned lumps of matrix; amateurs might try to clean them up themselves, but Sam Yung of Fine Minerals Gallery is a professional and a perfectionist. He has these minerals cleaned and trimmed by the best international laboratories, no matter where they are, then has the world’s leading mineral photographer, Jeff Scovil, take most of these stunning photographs.

All the information that the reader wants is here, and no more, presented in an attractive, spacious layout, with no extra fussy details to detract from the clean lines.

This book will be a joy for those who, with a deep pocket, may aspire to own some of these treasures, for humbler collectors who just admire them, and for all lovers of the wonders of the Earth.

by Anthea Strickland

  • Fine Minerals Gallery. 103 pages; 2017.

Language : English

by Guanghua. LIU (Author)

Hong Kong

mining history



A comprehensive guide of Chinese minerals and localities for collectors. For serious mineral and gem stone collectors. Important reference book for research of Chinese mineral deposits. Essential reference book for serious mineral and gem stone collectors, important data book for research of mineral deposits in China.

  • Hard cover, 374 pages, 11 x 8 ¼ inch (279 x 210 mm), 600 high quality color photographs, 55 maps, 60 localities.





The author of the groundbreaking Terra Spinel in 2010 and Terra Garnet in 2014 is ready for a new statement on the world of Gems and Art. Terra Connoisseur is a sensational experience – celebrating the most beautiful, durable and valuable natural creations on the planet.

Over 2000 original gem photographs, of both faceted and rough, over 50 mineral specimens, jewelry and historical artifacts. The colors and sparkle of the gems strikingly naturalistic and tangible.

During the production period, the editorial team – alone or joined by other experts – ventured on a number of gem mining expeditions to take the most up-to-date shots, collect fresh specimens right from the source and see what was what in the world of gems.

  • 234 pages; 240 x 260 mm (9.5 x 10.25 inches) Full Color Throughout

Geological Heritage of Hong Kong 香港地質瑰寶 (中英對照)

作者:   陳龍生 

出版社:           雅集

出版日期:       2014/11/01

重量:   1340 grams

ISBN-10:          9888243659

ISBN-13:          9789888243655

書城編號:       931519 

  • 範圍遍及全港,包括鮮為人知的有趣地貌
  • 以非一般角度拍攝,呈現壯麗的地質景觀
  • 特別為地質公園遊客撰寫,以能更深入了解本港的地質
  • 地質學家陳教授親繪多幅註釋圖,剖析各區地貌特徵
  • 與世界各地的例子比較,有助進一步認識本地的地質與地貌


About the Author

LS Chan is professor in Earth Sciences at the University of Hong Kong as well as College Principal of HKU SPACE Community College and HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College. He received his doctorate degree in geology from the University of California, Berkeley and is arguably the first Hong Kong native to receive formal training in geology. His research interests include tectonics of South China and Hong Kong, earthquake geology and applied geophysics. He is devoted to promotion of Earth Science education, and has led field trips to South China, Tibet, Taiwan, North America, Australia, Italy, Cyprus, Arctic region and Antarctica for students.







 “Nature is best left as is”

Despite its reputation as a global city, Hong Kong actually has a rich geological heritage. Some geological localities within the country parks of Hong Kong are world-class showcases of geology. Deservedly, a large portion of Hong Kong’s country parks was designated a Global Geopark in 2011.



Such a decoration may be as much a curse as a blessing, since the status will certainly boost local business, inevitably leading to construction of additional facilities within the parks to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. I was even a bit reluctant to produce the present book, lest it should further promote already excessive human traffic to the precious geological sites. However, while many geopark visitors are craving for more in-depth knowledge of the geologic exposures, guided visits to the geoparks are mostly led by amateurs with limited training in geology. It is my intention to present the visitors with fuller stories behind our geological treasures in this book. Many of the descriptions of the geological observations presented in the book are based on research findings made by the author.


The primary purposes of the geoparks should be to protect, to educate, and to inspire. The protection of our geological heritage must resort to sound management policies of the parks, as well as civilized and responsible behavior of the park users. For one to be inspired, one must see beyond the aesthetics of the geological sites and learn to appreciate the complex processes that led to their formation. The educating requires the devotion and effort of the geological professionals—a job too important to be left to amateurs.


I hope our geological heritage can be preserved forever, such that future generations can see the sites as we do today. This is unlikely to occur given Hong Kong’s unrelenting pursuit for economy and tourism growth. This book is a personal attempt to encapsulate the geological beauty of Hong Kong before it concedes to artificial structures and concrete walkways.



Hong Kong

mining history




香港,一向給人的印象是沒有任何自然天然資源的石屎森林。然而,這都是一般人對香港的誤解。其實過去幾百年,香港曾開採了不少的礦藏,包括方鉛礦,黑鎢礦,磁鐵礦,石墨,綠柱石,石英,長石和高嶺土。作為香港未來地質師,你們又知道多少關於香港的礦藏呢?這是全港首本中英並文關於香港礦業歷史的書。 從地質、歷史和文化角度,帶您了解這些鮮為人知的礦場。

The modern impression of Hong Kong is an international metropolis without any natural resources. However, it is not true. A high variety of earth resources, including galena, wolframite, magnetite, graphite, beryl, quartz, feldspar and kaolin had been mined and granite had been quarried in Hong Kong in the past hundreds of years. As a geology student, how much do you know about the mining industry in Hong Kong? This book is the first bilingual book ever about mining in Hong Kong and will take you on a journey through the geology, history, culture and development of these mines and quarries, allowing you to understand this once thriving and now forgotten industry of Hong Kong.





sam yung

Mineral Collections in Hong Kong edited by Elissa Sz, Trudy Kwong, Lai Siu Kwong, and Sam Yung.
Mineralogical Society of Hong Kong. 91 pages; 2016.




Ludi von Bezing, Rainer Bode, Steffen Jahn (published 2016)

NAMIBIA II is a one-of-a-kind reference book that gives you all you the information you need to know about the newest mineralogical finds and the most sought after rarities. The over 800 namibian minerals and gemstones are listed from A to Z. This second volume comes in the fine and matchless design of its predecessor and contains an enormous amount of new mineral photographs and many up-to-date references to localities. Many of the 1600 pictures have never been published before and were taken by top photographers like Jeff Scovil, Joe Budd, Olaf Medenbach, Matthias Reinhardt, John Schneider and Rainer Bode, to name a few.

  • Ludi von Bezing · Rainer Bode · Steffen Jahn: Namibia 2016 - in English language. Size 24 x 28 cm, hardcover, 664 pages, about 1.600 pictures, maps and drawings.



Language: English

A unique illustrated book about the most beautiful specimens ever to be found in Namibia. Seven years after the publication of the book Namibia by Ludi von Bezing, Rainer Bode and Steffen Jahn, a sought-after out-of-print books, the publisher presents an even better and even more beautiful new book: Namibia: Minerals and Localities, Volume 1

Featuring a completely new design and an enormous amount of new and stunning mineral photographs and new localities. Namibia is currently one of the most fascinating mineral-rich countries. Not only does the magnificent landscape draw people to this fabulous land in the south of Africa, but gem and mineral collectors are mesmerized by the extensive variety of exquisite stones.

This book will be issued in two volumes. Volume 1 will bring you some of the most attractive and finest specimens in the world – among the prettiest minerals ever to be found in Namibia. The book’s pictured specimens come from some of the most important and most famous museums and private collections of the world. Many of these specimens have never been presented to the public before. Many outstanding and incredible specimens from the famous Heini Soltau Collection in Lüderitz – a world sensation, second to none in perfection and aesthetics, and many yet unpublished. Once a well-kept secret, this new book now holds all these true mineralogical treasures.

Over 600 pages, this unique book presents you with the prettiest and most significant recently found specimens of stunning beauty from the Erongo Mountains, around the Spitzkoppe, the Goboboseb-Mountains, in Rosh Pinah and many others exciting localities. A large chapter is dedicated to the famous and traditional mining-town of Tsumeb – more outstanding pictures of beautiful specimens from collections all over the world turn this chapter into one of the most interesting parts of the book.

As a special: an enclosed DVD with an enthralling film about the hard life of the small miners in the Erongo Mountains. The dangerous life of the miners in search for nice crystals caught on DVD.


Language: English

Contributions by: Dudley Blauwet, Ryan Bowling, Alexander U. Falster, Sarah L. Hanson, Jaroslav Hyrsl, Peter Lyckberg, Odulio Jose Marensi de Moura, Milan Novak, Federico Pezzotta, George R. Rossman, William B. Simmons, Gloria A. Staebler, Karen L. Webber

Edited by: William B. Simmons, Gloria A. Staebler, David W. Bunk, Alexander U. Falster, Sarah L. Hanson, Karen W. Webber 

Taking its name from the Latin rubellus, meaning “reddish,” rubellite was rare in the ancient world. Its unique properties set it apart from other hard, red gemstones, generically known then as “ruby” or “carbuncle.” That distinction was lost during the Dark Ages but revived in the Enlightenment, as science undertook its quest to understand the nature of things. For two and a half centuries, rubellite has had a part of that great unraveling.

Today “rubellite” refers to the pink to red variety of tourmaline, a large group of borosilicates. Coveted most for its endless combinations of vivid colors, just a handful of species —elbaite, liddicoatite, rossmanite —form rubellite, which is found as large, gemmy, euhedral crystals in pegmatites across the globe.

With articles covering history, culture, science, and localities, our expert authors explore the fascinating world of rubellite and its complicated mineral family. Extraordinary imagery

illuminates their stories, enticing readers into the paradox of rubellite and its tourmaline brethren.

2019, Perfect Binding

140 pages

Dimensions: A4

ISBN: 9780983632399






Author : Vladyslav Yavorskyy

Terra Garnet is the second installment in the Terra series, featuring a variety of garnet gems in the color palette from green to orange to break the prejudice of a dark red stone, unfavorably associated with the word 'garnet'.

This is a celebration to Garnets. Garnets comprise a complex group of gems divided into many different species and varieties. We love that this book showcases the vivid colors of these gems that are commonly associated with a brownish-red hue. From the fiery orange of spessartite garnets to the rich greens of tsavorites and demantoids, you can see garnets in their wild array of colors on the pages of Terra Garnet.

Concept is based on amazing photography from the mines where the garnets come from. It is also a celebration of life, showing how people live in these countries where the stones are found. Many nature photos are also showcased in order to show the way Mr. Yavorskyy see the world. This is the world he wanna share with everyone who has not been able to visit these places themselves or one day plan to go.

  • 201 pages (10.5 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches) Color Throughout

The acclaimed photography of Jeff Scovil (70 plates) and Steve Smale (30 plates) capture the presence of masterpieces from one of the world's finest private collections--that of celebrated mathematician Steve Smale and his wife Clara. Captions and commentary by Smale himself provide context for these important pieces and insight into the mineral specimen trade.

About the Author :
Stephen Smale is a professor at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago and at both the University of Chicago Mathematics and Computer Science departments and is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He and his wife Clara have been collecting minerals for more than 30 years.

Product information
Publisher Lithographie, LLC
Publication date May 18, 2006
Language English
Package Dimensions 11.8 x 11.7 x 0.8 inches
Shipping Weight 3.95 pounds
Book length 204


Hong Kong

mining history




晶篇主要介紹了國際礦晶收藏與貿易的理念,現狀和發展趨勢以及定價標準; 產地篇以照片為主,描述了中國目前在國際上有影響的45個產地的礦物晶體特點並附了詳細的產地交通圖(50幅),同時還記述了一批尚無詳細資料和可能產珍貴礦晶的產地; 知識篇通俗地講述了礦物的形成,簡易鑑定方法及其放射性與熒光性等小知識該書不但是一本集科學性,趣味性和知識性於一體的科普讀物,而且是一本找礦鑑寶的實用工具書和尋寶指南。

  • 該書共340頁,16開硬皮精裝本,由AAA國際礦業公司瑞士公司以中,英,德三種文字出版,收錄了近595張世界各地收藏的中國頂級礦物精品照片,絕大部分由 世界最有名的美國專業礦物攝影家Jeff Scovil先生拍攝,極具收藏價值!
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